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Jack the Ripper vs Jackie Tequila

It was night, Jaqueline decided to make a video call on the computer with her friend Barbara to get away from the thoughts that haunted her. When she was alone, that house seemed much bigger than it really was and every noise outside made her jump. She had been trying to stay sober for the last few days, but the tension she was in because of the messages made everything more difficult. At least now she could laugh a little and distract her mind while she chatted with Barbara. - He offered me a lot of money. Can you believe it? - And you didn’t accept? - Of course not, he can pay to see my videos on OnlyFans if he wants, but I don’t do that kind of thing. - Not by money, right friend, but for free you’ve already done it with the entire city! - Barbara laughed while Jaqueline protested. - I’m changing. This time it’s serious. No more Jackie Tequila. Now I’m going to become a serious girl. I haven’t had a drink in... three days. - I’m with you, babe - replied the other with a wink -
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  The painting of the chapel was worn and chipped, the bushes had grown around it and the tall and shapeless leaves caressed the side of the building. Inside the little church, a single timid lamp worked with difficulty to illuminate partially the confessional, leaving the rest of the place in complete darkness. Curiously, there was no little red light inside, common in Catholic churches, which indicates the presence of the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist. From inside the confessional, a girl’s voice was heard: - Thank you for seeing me at this hour, Father. I know that these masses, so late at night, must have you tired, so I’ll try to be brief. - Not at all, my dear - answered a male voice from the other side of the wooden partition, that prevented them from seeing each other directly, the voice was hoarse and the words pronounced heavily, like someone who has just run a marathon - I only think that we could talk at my house, or in the parish hall, sitting on a nice sofa... may

SHERLOCK vs JAMES BOND - Read the first chapter now!

  I was expecting to finish this book last year, but the pandemic situation had other plans. Only now I’m back on track and the new deadline is 2022. I got so excited about this project, having a great time writing this story and living with my favourite characters on an epic adventure, so I decided to present to you a glimpse of what is coming. This is the first chapter I wrote years ago, just for fun, not even the final version, but I’d appreciate to have your thoughts on it. I hope you enjoy it. PRELUDE It was a rainy night, like many others, setting a good background for murderers to practise their odious art. This time, accompanying the melancholy of the rain and the blood dripping down the pavement, a sad melody sounded within reach of everyone, policemen and onlookers who followed the crime scene. The automatic piano placed across the street poured its notes over the body that had been found less than an hour ago, on Kirtling Street in London. - Somebody turn that damn music

The Black Prince

  There is a fine line between love and hate. Those are two of the most brutal forces in the universe, as intense as fire, both produce disastrous consequences for those who feel, in case they don’t know how to tame them. Edward was an impulsive man, passionate fighter, visionary. He had both love and hate inside him, flaming like no other man. Edward knew how to contain these destructive forces, but he preferred not to. He’d rather aim them towards his enemies during the battle. He fought for love and for hate, so one force nourished another. That was the Black Prince's secret. France, September 19, 1356. The axe came from above. Edward leaped sideways, watching as the blade passed before his eyes and buried itself in the ground. The man who delivered the blow stood beside him, his body exposed. His arm was still holding the axe handle when the Black Prince's sword cut it off. The sword buzzed a second time and the Frenchman's head rolled across the grass, a few secon

The book is always better

So you think reading is boring? You always ask yourself: “Why should I read something that long, with no pictures?” And, in the few times you decide to open a book, you sleep drooling, right? Don’t worry, I won’t keep blabbing about how good reading is to improve your mind and language skills. You already know that, and you don’t care! You’re happy enough watching series and movies with your other half. So, why would you start putting some effort into a book? Let me just change your life, right now: Forget everything they taught you at school - ok, maybe you’ve already got that far. Let me explain: You’ve always seen literature as a boring school subject and, let’s be honest, you don’t use other school subjects in your free time just for fun, like calculations, for example. But I should tell you that literature is different and cooler than you imagine. It does not take to be a genius to enjoy books. Do you like movies? I bet you’ve already seen a lot of movies adapted from books, you p